We drive growth where two continents meet

Aegean is an international consulting and advisory firm dedicated to supporting financial institutions, family-owned businesses, established companies and multinational corporations and governments in navigating challenging business environments in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Uniquely Positioned

A bridge between two continents: Europe and Asia

Headquartered in Istanbul, where Europe and Asia meet, Aegean is uniquely positioned to advise on complex multi-national business transactions ranging from mergers & acquisitions, restructuring to strategic procurement or navigating complex regulatory challenges.

Aegean thrives where others fail: the most complex of business challenges can always be encountered where two worlds meet; be it two continents or the past and the future of how business is conducted. We live at an age of rapid transformation and Aegean is at its forefront.

About us

Consulting. But different.

Aegean is an innovative consulting agency established at a uniquely historic spot: Istanbul.

For thousands of years, Istanbul was at the crossroads of continents and a place where not only political but also business empires were forged.

Our team of experienced partners and business consultants has helped businesses thrive in today's disruptive economic environment. We believe in the virtues of anti-fragility, helping our clients not only unlock the true potential of their business but also to transform their businesses in a way, which allows those business to dynamically adapt to future challenges.



From complex sourcing decisions to identifying the right partner for an acquisition, Aegean has the proven expertise to guide its clients through the most complex of business transactions.

Our team's uniquely creative, committed and immersive approach allows us to contribute quickly and effectively to the success of your business. Operating out of Istanbul but with teams deployed across the globe, Aegean truly is a consulting agency of digital age.

Extensive experience in both, old and new industries and a unique talent to bind those two worlds together has allowed us repeatedly to unlock tremendous value for our clients.

How to thrive in the Transformative Age.

We help you to rethink what defines success.

At an age when business fundamentals are being transformed by emerging technologies, hyper-granular insights and new ways of working, Aegean helps businesses to adapt.

From digitising logistics and shipping to transforming the banking industry at the age of digital disruption, Aegean provides its clients with new ways of looking at old problems - and finding ways how to become anti-fragile.

Our Approach


Aegean takes great pride in its capability to provide our clients with innovative solutions in the most challenging business environments. Whether it's the fast pace of the digital economy or the contrasts of an emerging market, Aegean's team will provide our clients with innovative solutions.


Your challenges are our challenges and your success is our success. Aegean's team has been lauded repeatedly for its outstanding commitment to excellence and for going the extra mile in service for our clients.


Aegean's team consists of business professionals from European and Asian background, with business expertise from a wide range of industries. From procurement specialists to technology evangelists, from industry experts to lawyers, Aegean's team will provide you with the expertise needed to address your business challenges.

Our Services

M&A Advisory

Aegean assits clients in identifying potential acquisition targets and in structuring multi-national mergers or acquisitions.

Strategy Development

Driven by our deep insights into the dynamic markets of Europe and Asia, we assist our clients in developing innovative strategies to grow their business.


When a business faces challenges our team of restructuring experts assist in changing course. From devising a new strategic vision for the business to executing the changes needed in daily operations, Aegean's team can drive the entire transformation process.

Strategic Procurement

From introducing complex software solutions to advanced machinery and equipment, Aegean's professional procurement team assists with sourcing, procuring and deploying the right solutions for your business.

Regulatory Advisory

At an age of ever-increasing regulatory complexity, Aegean is your guide through complex regulations across multiple jurisdictions and industries.

Government Relations

Maintaining close relations with host governments is of every-increasing relevance for the long-term success of a business. Aegean's team of government relations specialists assist you with the right relationship strategies in Europe and Asia.

Driving Digitalization

Everything is Mobile

The number of mobile subscribers in Turkey reached 80 million in 2018 with a mobile subscription penetration rate of 99%.

With ubiquitous penetration of mobile phones, Turkey is set to become a front-runner in mobile commerce. A vibrant domestic start-up scene drives domestic innovation and vies young Turks abroad and at home.

Aegean assists businesses in literally 'mobilizing' their business and leveraging the power of a truly mobile work-place.

Digital Natives

In recent years, Turkey has made huge reforms in order to fully support the concept of the ‘digital company’.

As a result of these reforms, Turkish law now authorizes companies to use digital documents and e-mail in a legally binding capacity.

Aegean assists domestic companies to transform and digitise their business processes and foreign firms to benefit from Turkey's digitalisation initiatives.

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